At Hickory Sage Design, we design products that help you focus on what truly matters to you.

About Marsali
Owner, Graphic designer
I originally created Hickory Sage Design as a creative outlet for myself, and as a way to share organizational tools with the world. 
Organization is a pretty vital part of my personality; I enjoy planning ahead and tracking things. I love planners and bullet journals, and I'm passionate about budgeting systems!
On a personal note, when you purchase something from Hickory Sage Design, you’re supporting a student family with an outlandish, pie-in-the-sky goal: on the day my husband graduates with his PhD, we want to have $0 debt. Higher education degrees are expensive, so we know that sounds like a crazy goal to a lot of people -- but we’re committed to it! We are budgeting every penny, and making careful plans and purposeful sacrifices. (Every little bit helps, and so we’re grateful that you’re visiting us here at Hickory Sage Design!)

What are your outlandish, crazy goals? Whatever your goals are, we want to help you get organized and motivated to achieve them!

Welcome to Hickory Sage Design!